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Over the last few decades, humanity has been using oil as a major source of energy and its derivatives as raw materials in several ways to sustain its development.

Through the years, the proven and easily reachable oil and gas reserves were becoming extinguished, forcing companies to find out new reservoirs in increasingly challenging environments. In order to find these reserves, companies faced many challenges, such as the scorching heat of the desert, challenges imposed by seas with ultra-deep water, forests never explored and the extremely low temperatures of places where snow reigns.

Thereby, the drilling segment with its rudimentary and handicraft techniques, in fact, performed until a few years ago, was forced to accept an extremely sharp technological development, which made possible the exploration of these new environments and overcome it’s adverse conditions.

The RZX Tecnologia, a Brazilian company with courage to innovate and take a modern approach to the oil industry operations, emerges in this exciting and challenging scenery of the modern drilling operations, present in the four corners of the world, where the cutting edge of technology coexists with outdated equipment and procedures.

RZX Tecnologia focuses its activities on developing solutions that improve safety and efficiency of drilling operations, replacing some outdated technologically equipment and techniques that are still present in this segment.



Carry out research, development and implementation of innovative technological solutions for the oil and gas industry, providing enhancements on client’s processes, avoiding losses, reducing costs and maximizing profitability.



Becomes global reference in optimization of processes related to oil well drilling and also be able to provide solutions for other Oil & Gas segments.



Observation, Technology and Innovation - The Observation to identify and take up opportunities through the application of modern Technology concepts, added to Innovation to deliver results that exceed client expectations.

ProjectsWhat we do?

Automation and Instrumentation for offshore drilling

RD&I of equipment for data acquisition and signal conditioning systems for directional drilling and measurements/logging while drilling operations, in order to solve problems faced by service companies with its traditional measurement, data transmission and signal processing systems.

Drilling Optimization

RD&I projects for implementation of computational techniques in drilling optimization parameters applying artificial intelligence and behavioral analysis.

Drilling Optimization Based on Fluid Dynamics

RD&I projects for innovative application proposal based on fluid dynamics to boost rates of penetration in the drilling process.


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